I know know that you are the best driver there is, and all these other minions on the road need to get a lesson on driving to keep the traffic from blocking YOU. However, despite your illusion of possessing remarkable driving skills (which by the way 80% of the motorists think they have), you have to understand that you too are part of the issue. And no matter how fantastic your music playlist is, no one wishes to get stuck in never ending traffic jams.
According to a statistic published by INRIX, cars in the United States ‘enjoyed’ over 8 billion hours caught in a jam in the year 2015. So that equates to 8 billion hours of autos just contributing to the air and noise pollution of the world by spitting volumes and volumes of exhaust gases and honking each other’s ears off. Way to save our planet!…

Now let’s see a video by YouTube/AsapSCIENCE which aims to help drivers avoid all issues related to traffic jams which cause traffic congestion on highways and construction sites.

The video discusses why the bulk of traffic congestion occur, and also describes a driving research study carried out for demonstrating the validity of their point. Then they repeat on the importance of driving at a constant speed while observing the laws of the highway. They also explain the science behind a traffic congestion just due to bad driving practices of the motorists.

Find out how to help prevent and deal with traffic jams here:

So if you are well and really ill of burning your fuel while being stuck in congestion, we would suggest that you follow the pointers in the video, and share this post with others also.