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Dogs used for experiments by VET Schools!

 For years, animal testing has been the object of heavy criticism by animal rights activists.

And it’s for good reasons too as human experimentation is an even greater taboo in their eyes.

Over 50 million animals get experimented on in the US every year. However,there is a solution now to squash those numbers down …;


Syndaver Labs have actually discovered a method to make sure the countless dogs utilized for animal screening can be freed by developing an innovative design in form of an artificial dog.

Despite the fact that the appearance of it will haunt you in your sleep for the next week or so, it’s a ground breaking method for veterinary and academic purposes to discover problems and carry out operations without harming a living dog.


The developer of Syndaver Labs, Dr Chris Sakezles, that started this company in 2004, focused heavily on an instant action worldwide to save animals lives. The canines have their own special set of health issues so now students and veterinarians can find out ways how to save them.

The price of each training dog is $28,500, and the University of Florida have already purchased one for its veterinary students to operate on!


It might not be the sort of pet dog to have fun with in the park, however, this product is amazing enough to possibly save lives of many innocent lab animals. Big thumbs up for this!