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Teacher: Orgasm in front of 13 years old kids!

School kids always love it when their teachers make mistakes so they can make fun of them. (Horrible! but Hey, this is the world we live in ūüôā )

However, you ‘d think that of all people a science teacher would be accustomed to complicated terms– ¬†sadly not this woman¬† …;

A shool teacher with the Imgur username of Tiaremahia, recorded the aftermath of her biggest teaching fail: we’ll let her image do the talking …;

image source: Imgurimage source: Imgur

 As you can envision, saying that in front of a class of about 30 13-year-olds,is an unforgettable experience that will endure, most likely also with the help of her pupils.

The image was submitted to Imgur and has already been seen over 400,000 times. Let’s “help” her with closure by also sharing this ūüôā

So, in conclusion, to be on the safe side never say the word ‘organism’¬†in front of the class. Unless you have to!